The Creative Mindscape Team

Michele McDonough
Co-Founder & CEO

Neil Henry
Co-Founder & COO

Martin Unsworth
Business Development Director

Tricia Goss
VP, Reputation Management

Ronda Bowen
VP, Editorial Services

Donna Cosmato
Managing Editor

James Devonshire
Managing Editor

Michele McDonough, Co-Founder & CEO

"What makes Creative Mindscape stand apart from the crowd?"

"We’re very transparent. We make it clear where we can help, why that help is needed, and how much to expect from our efforts. If we can't help with what you want, we're not afraid to say and recommend someone who can."

Michele is co-founder and CEO of Creative Mindscape. She loves meeting the people behind the ideas and hearing how excited they are when they talk about what their companies do.

Before Creative Mindscape, she was the COO of Rock the Deadline, a company that developed a SaaS curation platform with advanced editorial features. Prior to that, she was a Managing Editor at Bright Hub, where she oversaw over 100 writers and editors. She’s also worked as a senior analyst and a math professor.

Michele received her Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Cincinnati in 1997. When managing projects related to software development and deployment, she realized how much she enjoyed marketing and pivoted in that direction.

She loves cats, reading, and sitting on her patio in the morning while she wakes up. What would she do if there was more time in the day? “I’d read more. It’s my favorite thing to do. I block out time on my calendar for reading time every day, and it’s the ‘task’ I never reschedule.”

Neil Henry, Co-Founder & COO

"What makes Creative Mindscape stand apart from the crowd?"

"We provide industry leading, tailored marketing plans for each unique business. We don't do 'off-the-shelf' when it isn't right. Our clients are an extension of ourselves and we strive to help them get better every day."

Neil is co-founder and COO of Creative Mindscape, primarily serving as digital marketing director and strategist. He loves working with passionate companies who see the potential of digital in helping them create a modern brand with personality and values that can make them a market leader. His approach to every client engagement is based on consistency, personalization, and building a trusting relationship.

With over 20 years experience in the industry, Neil has worked on digital programs of change for companies with budgets ranging from 1k to 50k per month, leading marketing strategy and implementation that creates maximum value and tangible ROI for the companies he works with. He has worked at all levels within the technology and marketing professions – as a developer, consultant, Director, VP and CIO / CMO. Neil has run projects for an extensive client portfolio including Oracle, PwC, and TomTom as well as with hundreds of SMEs.

In previous roles, Neil has built online communities at Forbes, Contently, and, for the latter achieving multi-million regular page views per month and helping to build a top 100 worldwide website. He has several internationally renowned accreditations, is a certified marketing professional and holds a master's degree in information systems.

Outside of work, Neil is passionate about all things music and sport, loves coaching and playing cricket and tennis, and loves exploring how new trends in technology, digital marketing, and psychology can work together to make any company a market leader.

Martin Unsworth, Business Development Director

"What makes Creative Mindscape stand apart from the crowd?"

I believe that the team at CM has a unique proposition for our clients. We don’t follow digital trends; we help you start them and deliver them.

As a partner in charge of business development, Martin specializes in nurturing our clients' digital strategy and supporting them through the implementation of Creative Mindscape’s products and services. Our clients personally believe in the expertise that Creative Mindscape provides, and we use our joint knowledge and experience to develop and enhance all things digital to help you grow your business.

Martin will help your business improve client reach and potentially expand your channels. Calling upon 20 years experience in the digital space, Martin can help you drive cost savings and develop new and existing revenue streams.

Prior to joining Creative Mindscape, Martin worked at One Advice Group on all things related to commercial designing and implementing a new fully functioning digital strategy. He managed a multi-million-pound commercial budget, including an internal acquisition team driven by developing new websites and paid search. He also developed new channels and partners to enhance and grow the Group's revenue streams.

Martin has had an extensive career in the digital space linked into very different business sectors from outsourcing with Capita, where he was an integral member of the transition team managing the Carphone Warehouse account to develop and improve customer contact rates and conversions. As an example, he took part in designing and launching a new web chat team.

In the FMCG sector, Martin founded and built a commercially successful e-commerce business in the early 2000’s and ultimately partnering with Amazon on the launch of their grocery channel back in 2007. Martin has a degree in psychology and is still fascinated by the people's behavior, their motivation to interact with businesses, and why people choose certain services and products.

Tricia Goss, VP, Reputation Management

“What makes Creative Mindscape stand apart from the crowd?”

"Everyone at Creative Mindscape truly understands the unique needs and challenges of tech companies seeking the most effective and efficient ways to market their product and services. The team gets to know each brand in order to represent their distinctive personalities build upon their strengths and exemplify their values."

Tricia is a client advocate who specializes in reputation management. She creates and executes great strategies that help our clients build both company and individual brands.

Tricia is also a talented writer and editor whose credits include Bright Hub, Office Users and Rock the Deadline. She enjoys getting to the heart of a brand’s story and then sharing it in a meaningful way.

When she isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with family and exploring North Texas.

Ronda Bowen, VP, Editorial Services

"What makes Creative Mindscape stand apart from the crowd?"

"The team members at Creative Mindscape have the analytical skills to tailor content to the client. They are on top of cutting-edge best practices, and several team members are pioneers in digital marketing and have the behind-the-scenes know-how to bring their A-game to every project they take on."

Ronda Bowen's primary focus for the last decade has been on content writing and helping clients meet their social media and readership goals.

Ronda will help your business to improve engagement and build its audience. She combines her experience as an editorial consultant with her background in dissecting complex arguments to break down client goals into actionable steps and achievable milestones. 

What she brings to the team at Creative Mindscape is a sharp analytical mind, stemming from her background in logic and philosophy, and the real-world experience to help solve a variety of social and content marketing problems that many companies face.

Prior to joining Creative Mindscape, Ronda wrote for a variety of companies, including Bright Hub, Rock the Deadline, Ubidesk, Equanimity Magazine, and CS Odessa.

In her downtime, Ronda enjoys distance running, time spent with family, board games, and exploring Kansas and the surrounding states. She also contributes to a variety of academic publications, writing about history, philosophy and ethics, and social and political theory.

Donna Cosmato, Managing Editor

“What makes Creative Mindscape stand apart from the crowd?”

"In a word, innovation. We know the content marketing cookie cutter approach does not help clients reach their goals."

Donna Cosmato is a freelance writer and author of Buying Your First Home? Her online credits include Bright Hub, Hubpages, Christian Education Plus, and Rock the Deadline. She loves the challenge of matching data to client input to create marketable content.

James Devonshire, Managing Editor

“What makes Creative Mindscape stand apart from the crowd?”

"The team at Creative Mindscape not only possesses an intrinsic knowledge of marketing (both traditional & digital) but also a deep-seated understanding of new and emerging technologies. This puts them in the best position possible to interpret and implement the marketing needs and wants of our tech company clients."

Born and bred in the UK, but now living on a small island in the Philippines, James is a full-time writer and editor who predominantly produces digital marketing content and IT-focused ebooks/whitepapers. He also writes for Philippine-based Enrich Magazine and the country's largest blog, When in Manila dot com, which garners over 10 million impressions per day.