Competitive Analysis

Your ability to compete online requires effective strategy in three areas:

  • Creation and distribution of digital media
  • Customer experience optimization
  • Accurate analytics

To have a clear understanding of your position in the marketplace, it is important to know your competitors’ shortcomings and strengths. Performing a competitive analysis of both your own digital presence and that of your main competitors is crucial to success.

Creative Mindscape works with clients across the globe to help them better understand where they fit in their marketplace and what others are doing that sets them apart. With these insights, your digital marketing efforts will be more meaningful and drive better results.

Digital Media Competitive Analysis

On the web, people are becoming increasingly impatient. The brands that build trust and do not over-complicate matters – yet consistently communicate with their audiences through the right channels – have long been the marketplace leaders.

Our digital media competitive analysis looks at every aspect of your and your competitors’ content marketing, social media and distribution strategy. We identify gaps where digital media could be improved to deliver a holistic, always-open marketing funnel, that is rooted in a mixture of quality content and communications, seen by the right people at the right time.

Customer Experience Competitive Analysis

As people become almost universally comfortable with the Internet, it is important for every business to have an effective online presence. That means giving them what they want, when they want it, on their device of choice. The big sell no longer works. Successful businesses execute digital marketing with consistency, and they personalize it to their customers’ needs to build genuine relationships.

Our customer experience competitive analysis looks at how effective you and your competitors are at informing, educating, supporting, engaging, and maintaining those connections. We analyze and report on the ways you should be marketing to your primary audience through your website, content, keyword strategy, and promotions, to give your audience the perfect customer experience.

Analytics Competitive Analysis

Digital marketing does not have to be so complex that it makes you skeptical of the results or fear its very existence. With the right analytics, you can track everything you do online.

Creative Mindscape’s detailed analytics competitive analysis de-clutters the minefield of data for you. We analyze your competitors’ traffic and how they place on search engines as well as what they are doing to track, measure and convert traffic into leads and then customers. With so much data, so many channels, and so much noise on the Internet, our analysis of your competitors’ analytical success (or failings) is priceless information for you to bring in tangible ROI from your digital marketing strategy.

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