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SEO strategySince organic search drives up to 64% of website traffic, search engine optimization (SEO) plays a significant role in most web marketing strategies.

Unfortunately, it is also one of the most misunderstood strategies, and there are a lot of predatory companies who try to sell SEO services with false promises and with no reliable method to measure results.

At Creative Mindscape, we make sure that your SEO goals are in line with the rest of your marketing plan and help your company get found for the keywords your customers are actually using. Plus, we set goals and measure progress so that you are continually aware of how well the plan is working and your return on investment.

Our services include:

  • Conducting Technical Audits

    Every business should be performing an SEO audit of its website on a regular basis. It is the No. 1 way to ensure your business is effectively marketing itself online. Creative Mindscape provides detailed analysis of your website’s current standing and overall online relevance.

    Our deep-rooted SEO audit covers every aspect of your website – in a comprehensive yet jargon-free report and action oriented plan – to ensure your website is optimized for natural search marketing.

  • Keyword Research and Analysis

    Today, 9 out of 10 online users choose search engines to look for information. As such, keyword research is fundamental to almost everything you do online. Websites that rank highly on search always have the right keyword strategy. Those that fail are guessing or chasing the wrong keywords.

    If you are serious about having a successful online presence – one that captures leads, increases traffic and converts visitors to customers – then let us help you build the correct keyword strategy.

  • On-Page Optimization

    On-page optimization is the foundation of your entire digital strategy. It dictates how well you get indexed and crawled on search engines as well as how relevant and engaging you are to visitors.

    We provide on-page optimization to some of the largest (and also niche) companies in the STEM industries. We make sure every page of a site has a particular goal and is set up to attract qualified leads through optimized online visibility.

  • Content Alignment

    Effective content alignment – presentation, dissemination, and amplification – increases marketing productivity, decreases marketing spend, and creates new marketing opportunities.

    The digital age has brought online content to a saturation point. Today, end users are overwhelmed by choice. We are experts at effectively building, managing, and distributing content, so your business is speaking to right people at the right time.

  • Social Media Integration

    Businesses today have a love/hate relationship with social media, but it is an essential part of any marketing mix. When done right it is an incredibly cheap and powerful form of marketing.

    Integrating social media with your website and digital assets is fundamental to growing your business. We build social media strategies and action plans that deliver consistent ROI and tangible results. With us, social media truly generates business.

  • Site Optimization Tactics

    Optimizing your website for visitors is rule 101 in web marketing. The problem is that so many companies fail to appreciate or capture that external perspective.

    Your website should uniquely position you as a market leader. It should be customized and optimized around the challenges and issues your prospects face every day. We help companies define how that should be done, on every page, with purpose.

  • Content Recommendations

    There is a reason why 95% of all website traffic do not convert. The visitors simply don’t find what they need or want. Content relevancy is key to the success of your website.

    Our team has years of experience delivering content recommendation strategies to clients around the globe. We help them learn which assets work, what visitor behaviors are showing, and how this can contribute to maximizing website ROI.

  • Copywriting

    People today are savvy to every type of online marketing ploy. They understand the tactics people use through paid ads, promotions, and social spamming. To really grab attention, you need the right copywriting strategy.

    Our copywriting services deliver clarity of voice, professionalism of copy, and unique establishment of brand. Compelling content turns prospects into profits, fickle website visitors into subscribers and social media followers into established fans.

  • Progress Monitoring and Position Tracking

    It is an interesting fact that only the first ten search results on a query typically bring a sales opportunity. In a competitive digital era, there is simply no way you are getting there if you do not track your keywords and plan a strategy that positions you higher on the search page.

    We work with clients to monitor and track website rankings. We also recommended adjustments that will keep your organization in the most visible spots for the keywords they target.

  • SEO Training

    SEO can be a frustrating process. We understand the intricacies of SEO, having elevated websites to top statuses worldwide and generated traffic for companies exceeding 30 million page views per month. Our internationally-renowned SEO training is tailored to each business and the unique challenges they face, to help them build their own plan.

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