Marketing For Non-Profit & Charity Organizations

Need To Build Awareness For Your Cause?

Telemarketing, direct mail campaigns, and other traditional marketing techniques of non-profits aren’t cutting it anymore. They’re not cost-effective, and worse yet, they annoy people. And annoying people is the last thing you want to do when trying to encourage donations.

The good news it that contributions to non-profits are at an all-time high, and they are continuing to increase. In addition, thanks to social media and the Internet in general, even small non-profits have the tools to reach larger audiences than ever before.

However, there are a lot of organizations out there competing for donor dollars. The National Center for Charitable Statistics reports these numbers for the U.S. alone:

  • 1,097,689 public charities
  • 105,030 private foundations
  • 368,337 other types of nonprofit organizations, including chambers of commerce, fraternal organizations and civic leagues

In addition, the Charity Commission reports there were over 167,000 charities in England and Wales at the end of September 2017. Over 39% of these organizations earned less than £10,000 per annum.

So, in the sea of non-profits, how do you rise the top and convince people, foundations, and government agencies that your organization is worthy of their limited donor dollars?

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an absolute necessity for non-profits in the modern era. As an extremely competitive industry, it is essential for NPOs to effectively market themselves to their core audiences on popular channels and in ways that emotionally connect.

Today these channels are increasingly digital – a website, social media, regular news content and advertising. There must be a fluid approach, dynamic in delivery, to keep both the brand and cause in people’s minds.

Digital marketing can achieve this by driving growth, funding and prosperity in more engaging ways than traditional media. Why? Because digital marketing offers several critical advantages over traditional methods, including:

  • Better return on investment
  • Broader reach
  • More effective ways to connect with your target audience
  • Non-intrusive means to get your message out

Target Market & Aims

The most successful digital marketing strategy targets a specific audience, tailored to the industry and the behaviors of people in it. This is the same in the NPO sector.

NPOs need to develop digital marketing strategies around their core audiences – those that care, want to donate or want to help in some other way. It is essential to create promotional and advertising materials that target these people and groups. We understand your budget is limited, so we offer our services to NPOs at a reduced rate. 

The primary focus should be driving traffic to a well-branded, highly-respected, and credible website with timely content, social media, and outreach. Digital marketing should do the following:

  • Engage potential donors
  • Share the company’s vision
  • Build awareness of the cause
  • Educate the general public
  • Reduce traditional media and marketing costs
  • Build relationships and establish outstanding credibility

NPO Digital Marketing Challenge

Many charities and NPOs aren't getting the maximal results from their marketing efforts because they choose a generic approach and/or partner with a generic marketing company that doesn’t understand their niche industry. The results are less effective because an off-the-shelf approach doesn’t talk specifically to the pain points, challenges, opportunities, and benefits of applying tailored marketing to the target audience and cause.

Digital marketing to NPO’s is fundamental in elevating the cause to two primary audiences:

  • Those who want to give - sponsors, partners, donors, and foundations to name a few
  • Those who want to help – volunteers, support staff, and government aid, for example

There are many, many charities, all of which pull at the heartstrings of people in different ways and for different reasons. Thus, digital marketing as a non-profit trying to gain awareness and support for their cause is much harder than for a business providing a tangible product or service in say retail or entertainment.

Creative Mindscape In The NPO Sector

Creative Mindscape has a proud history of working with many non-profits across the globe, delivering purposeful digital marketing strategies that elevate the awareness and appeal of the charity or NPO cause.

Our NPO marketing is specific to each organization as the core message and values of the cause are very different in every case. It is our mission to help you reach your primary audience – to encourage people to give, help, spread your message, and contribute to your mission in a positive way.

The tactics employed can be dramatically different  – and much more successful – than for a traditional business because they have the one key advantage: the power of emotion.

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