Detailed Templates That Make Writing A Blog Post quicker and more fun

Trying to write a blog post but having a hard time getting started?

Instead of staring into space or banging your head against the wall, fill out this short form and download these templates to help you get the job done. 

This collection includes five templates, one for each of the following article types:

  • Standard Article
  • Curated News or Weekly Roundup Posts
  • List Post
  • Product/Service Review
  • Interview
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Using the Templates

These templates can be used for article creation, portfolio management, brainstorming, etc. Two sections are common to every document in the collection: SEO Information and Social Media Promotion. 

The SEO Information section has fields for the keyword, meta title (also called title tag), and meta description. 

The Social Media Promotion section allows you to craft tweets and other social media messages that can be used to promote your article on various social networks. Your clients will love you for this since it makes their lives easier. Plus, it’s easier to get someone to share your article if all they have to do is copy and paste.

Below are a few screenshots of some of the template pages.