Blog Commenting Etiquette

Blog Commenting Etiquette: Be A Good Internet Neighbor

Tricia Goss / Blogging

Commenting on the blogs of others can be an effective way to generate more traffic on your own site, but as with most strategies, there are approaches that work and those that bomb – as well as those that make you look like an annoying spammer.

Before you start remarking on every post you come across, learn how to select blogs to follow as well as commenting etiquette and best practices.

Finding Blogs

Don’t comment on just any random blog you come across. Although this might instigate some initial curiosity clicks, it isn’t likely to lead to many long-term new followers. Do seek out other bloggers who pursue the same type of audience as you do.

This doesn’t mean you should only follow blogs similar to yours. Rather, consider your target audience and think about what interests they share. For instance, if you want to attract moms who shop for organic food, you might seek out “crunchy mommy” bloggers who write about living an environmentally-friendly, natural, healthy lifestyle.

Make Your Comments Count

Don’t post spammy comments, such as, “Great blog! I look forward to more. Please check out my blog at…” Do live by the adage of speaking only when you have something to say.

Use your comments to share valuable information, advice, and insights that complement what the blogger has written. This means that you need to read the posts and not just leave a comment based on what you think the piece is about. It will take a little time to study the blogs you follow, but your comments will be much richer and better received when you do. Moreover, you might learn something or garner some new ideas for your own blog in the process!

Build Relationships

Don’t expect one-sided rewards. Do work to develop a rapport with both the bloggers you follow and their readers, as well.

Use your comments to start a discussion. For instance, ask a question that relates to the post or answer another reader’s question with your own opinion. Subscribe to follow-ups to your comment whenever this option is available so you can reply to any responses promptly.

Share Appropriately

Don’t copy-and-paste entire posts from other blogs onto your own site. Do encourage mutual sharing.

When you read a post that you feel your audience would especially appreciate, ask the author if you can share it on your blog. In most cases, you will write your own post about the piece and include a link to the original blog, encouraging your readers to check it out. Doing so can be an effective way to cultivate friendships with other bloggers who, in turn will likely share some of your relevant offerings with their audience.

Friendly Debates vs. Ugly Arguments

Don’t agree for the sake of being agreeable. Do remain courteous and professional at all times.

Even when you really enjoy a certain blog, there may be times that your view differs from the blogger’s assessment. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions, but do so without being hostile, confrontational or insulting. Chances are good that others will have the same opinion as you, which may encourage them to check out your blog. Even those who disagree with you will respect you for politely stating your opinion.