WordPress Video Tutorials

New to WordPress or just need a little bit of a refresher course? Get up to speed with our collection of WordPress tutorial videos. There are over 40 short videos in all, broken up into the following categories.

Getting Started With WordPress

There are eight videos in this category covering introductory topics, including the WordPress Dashboard, the Media Library, and the Image Editor.

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Appearance, Users & Settings

The videos in this category cover theme and plugin installation, appearance customization, widgets, user management, running updates, and more.

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WordPress Pages & Posts

Learn about the differences of pages and posts as well as how to create and edit both of them. Also, get more familiar with categories and tags.

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The Visual Editor

This collection of videos covers the different ways to format your pages and posts in addition to how to embed videos, create playlists, and more.

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Working With Images

Become a media expert with these tutorials on adding, editing, and formatting images.

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