Top 10 Tech Trends 2018: No.4 Verbal Intelligence

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Another year is rapidly ticking by. Now 2018 is upon us and the age of digital shows no signs of slowing. Technology is driving a generation of change across every industry, profession, and personal point of persuasion.

Now, after extensive research, and several months of gauging the technology market, we publish our Top 10 Tech Trends that will shape 2018.

Here we have Tech Trend No.4: Verbal Intelligence

Here’s why…

With real-world applications spawning the use of voice recognition across many industries today, there is a groundswell of support for voice led products and services, personal assistance and beyond.

We are seeing a major shift in digital culture due to the use of mobile technologies, primarily as today over 50% of adults now use voice search and over 40% now have voice activated products. This is only going to dramatically increase as Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple are all heavily backing a verbal intelligence culture through their own voice recognition products – to help make digital experiences more accurate, convenient and rapid for individual consumers needs.

  1. Voice recognition, voice search and natural language processing will play a huge part in the future as voice technologies gain user trust. Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant are shaping the landscape for consumers.
  2. To date, chatbots have been limited to voice-activated search engine activities and simple transactions. This will undoubtedly change as learning technologies develop.
  3. As consumer habits change, brands will need to deliver quicker, easier, more accurate and engaging experiences. For example voice recognition is already expediting the race to frictionless retail.
  4. Voice data may appear unwieldy and unpredictable, but it can still be broken down and quantified, with so much at stake the key to success lies in voice data management.
  5. Speech recognition is the apex of artificial intelligence… ‘the holy grail of voice recognition technology is to render speech as a natural method of communication between humans and software’.

Top 10 Tech Trends 2018: No.4 Verbal Intelligence


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