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News and views from this week in marketing. What inspired and encouraged, shocked and appalled? Here’s our top 10.

1. Amazing Video Marketing

“Absurdly polished advertising for shitty used cars is a fairly common thing.” But this is so much more than a used car commercial.

Just watch it… Amazingly slick, unerringly poignant.


Good Read: Ridiculously Nice Ad for a Crappy 1996 Honda Boosts the Asking Price by 300 Times

The power of psychology in marketing at it’s finest – emotive introspection as we make our lifestyle choices.

2. Trend Watching

The Internet is a-wash with ‘top trend’ articles – for all manner of subjects and industries. So it’s nice to report on the reverse perspective as we enter the turn of the year in marketing.

Good Read: 8 Digital Marketing Trends Set to Expire by 2018

(Spoiler alert) We’re talking:

  • Drip campaigns
  • Text heavy ebooks
  • Quality over quantity blogging
  • Complicated lead scoring
  • Automation overkill
  • Organic only on Facebook
  • The majority of email campaigns
  • Text based SEO in isolation

The power of marketing as digital transformation goes 2.0 will be video, audio and text, all combined and refined to create the perfect user experience.

While we’re on the subject of ‘trends’.

3. Marketing to the C-Suite in 2018

What CEOs, CMOs, authors, executive recruiters, and other experts from a variety of industries believe will be the keys to marketing in the coming year.

Good Read: 2018 Marketing Predictions From The C-Suite

A cracking set of insights here. None more so than one we strongly believe will rise in prominence in 2018. That “CMOs will finally earn their place in the boardroom.”

4. Link Strategy

First and foremost, rest in peace Eric Ward. An SEO pioneer and amazing link building strategist who paved the way for modern search engine marketing as we know it.

Here is a brilliant video / article from Rand Fishkin on the power of link building.

Good Read: Link Strategies that Stand the Test of Time: A Tribute to Eric Ward

“The link schemer may eat today, but the link earner eateth from a bountiful table for a lifetime.” – Eric Ward

The power of link building strategy in a nutshell. It’s a long term investment.

A beautiful sentiment, and a beautiful tribute!

5. Quality Content 101

“Google’s quality algorithms are always at work… if you are seeing a decrease in rankings during algorithm updates, and over the long-term, then it could mean that Google’s quality algorithms might not be convinced that your site is the best possible result for users.”

Good Read: Should You Remove Low-Quality Or Thin Content Versus Improving It? Seeing The Forest Through The Trees

To my mind it’s all about user experience. Google takes into account ALL pages when it indexes and ‘scores’ a site. So you need to consider the importance and impact of every page, ever piece of content.

6. Uber Advertising?

Another fabulous ad, this time from much maligned Uber.

Pulling on the emotive issue of traffic jams (that are only going to get worse), Uber has created a new commercial in which it proposes ridesharing as a key part of the solution.

Good Read: Uber Thinks Inside the Box in Its Big New Ad About Car-Clogged Cities


At a time when Uber is not so popular, such a campaign could do much for PR. ‘Let’s create better cities. Let’s ride togther.’

Humor with a sense of genuine compassion for the way we live. Makes me think more positively about Uber as a brand with a vision.

The essence of brilliant marketing.

7. Influencer Marketing

A great post if a) social media just isn’t working as you wish it could, b) you’re looking to use social media influencers to increase your company’s reach, or c) you’re trying to find and evaluate potential influencers that could be a strong professional fit.

Good Read: How to Use Influencer Marketing to Amplify Your Message

And this is not just for B2C markets, we’re finding strong connections here for B2B influencer partnerships too.

If you aren’t maximizing reach or elevating your social media message, then you should have a read at this.

8. Mobile Search

Have you noticed the new search interface Google is presenting on mobile search results pages?

Good Read: Confirmed: Google rolling out new curved mobile search results interface

I love the new style. Personally I find it engaging, clean and delivers highly relevant results.

It’s so good I can see it going the way of paid ad space. It also gives plenty of food for thought about how we categorize our website content, social media and other web assets around what is a new strand of SEO.

9. SEO Misconceptions

Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second. That’s over 3.5 billion a day and 1.2 trillion annually.

In short, as long as search engines are delivering timely, relevant results for people to find what they want online, then SEO will be an essential (if not the most important) part of any digital marketing strategy.

So let’s put to bed some common misconceptions.

Good Read: SEO Misconceptions: The Truth Behind The Chatter

Now, more than ever, SEO is driving the entire marketing mix. An ever increasing, worldwide audience demands it. And it’s only going to become even more influential as the IoT and AI redefine technology uptake as we know it.

Search rules!

10. Spontaneous Gestures

And finally, I had to mention this. Even though the link to ‘marketing’ is negligible at best, it’s a funny/disrespectful (delete as you feel appropriate) story.

Of a marketing executive, who was forced to resign this week after a spontaneous gesture at the president’s motorcade.

Good Read: Cyclist Lost Her Job After Raising Middle Finger at Trump’s Motorcade


How good must that have felt at the time, but in hindsight was it really worth it?

I bet she’s not out of a job for long!

Until next week.

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