Quantum Computing, Going Serverless & Other Tech News

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News and views from this week in tech. What inspired and encouraged, shocked and appalled? Here’s our top 10.

1. Quantum Curveball

Kicking off this week, a quantum computing curveball that Clayton Kershaw or Justin Verlander would be proud of.

Good read: Google’s quantum computing plans threatened by IBM curveball

Is this the mathematical leap that opens the door to quantum computing hitting the mainstream? And in the quantum computing arms race, how will the other major league players (Amazon, Microsoft, Google) react?

2. Going Serverless

Serverless computing – a type of cloud service where hosting providers allocate resources on the fly rather than as dedicated servers in advance – have many potential benefits. Pay-as-you-go being a prime one.

Now a major technological breakthrough could see them become a reality sooner than many think.

Good read: The big opportunities in serverless computing

3. Edge Computing

The IoT is coming of age. But what will deliver its success in both B2B and B2C markets, simultaneously? Edge computing.

Good read: Why edge computing is critical for the IoT

“Everyday devices are becoming more powerful, reducing data center loads and complementing – or in some cases leapfrogging – cloud capabilities to drive exciting new IoT applications.”

And yet it is AI and quantum computing that are seen as the biggest next-gen influencers of IoT.

In truth it is the cloud, on the edge of a new frontier in computing, that will shape the IoT landscape. Simply because for it to succeed it needs backend service delivery infrastructure only the cloud can provide.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Speaking of AI… Most big tech companies have an AI project in the works, and they’re prepared to pay experts in the field millions to deliver it.

Good read: Tech Giants Are Paying Huge Salaries for Scarce A.I. Talent

There is a massive talent shortage brewing here. And it needs to be addressed before AI goes mainstream.

5. Cybersecurity

The enterprise data center is rapidly evolving due to the pressures of mobility. Networks are expanding beyond measure and BYOD policies are becoming complaint across traditionally troublesome sectors such as government, health and corporate finance.

But with all this mobile innovation, high demand and even higher dependency, how do we keep everything secure?

Good read: Cybersecurity in the age of mobile computing

“Change in technology is inevitable and mobile computing infrastructure must be scalable, not proprietary.”

Traditional security measures and encryption aren’t going to keep up with the rate of development in areas such as colocation and quantum computing.

6. Blockchain

Blockchain, digital disruption and trust…

Good read: Blockchain and the future of distributed computing (well it’s actually a video!)

I love where blockchain is heading. I think it has the potential to revolutionize many sectors, not just Fintech where it was spawned, but education, manufacturing, government and where we intimately site, in marketing.

7. Solar Power

Now this is quite a statement…

Good read: Solar power crushes its own record for cheapest electricity ‘ever, anywhere, by any technology’

While wind, hydroelectric and biomass offer alternatives, it appears evident that solar power is the future of low cost electricity.

Wow that so sounds like a plug!

8. Retail

“Retailers are racing to adopt new technologies… to stay competitive in a challenging industry. But experts say the trend toward automation threatens more jobs in a sector that is already slashing head counts.”

Good read: Retailers embrace self-service technology, at the expense of jobs

It seems almost inevitable that this trend will continue. Retail is always benchmarked by it’s customer service and ability to manage overheads vs. bottom line.

With this in mind we need to be careful that technological innovation doesn’t marginalise the human touch.

9. Startups: End Of An Era?

“It seems every city still wants to be a startup hub, dreaming of becoming “the new Silicon Valley.” But in the Valley itself? It feels like the golden age of the startup is already over.”

Good read: After the end of the startup era

The end of an era maybe, but the startup will never die. Entrepreneurialism is the foundation of any great company, tech or no tech.

10. Big Brother

As the Chinese government plans to launch a new social credit system – to judge the trustworthiness of its 1.3 billion residents – where is social profiling heading? And what impact does such a system have on our personal, professional and most of all mental health?

Good read: Big data meets Big Brother as China moves to rate its citizens

“If we are not vigilant, distributed trust could become networked shame. Life will become an endless popularity contest, with us all vying for the highest rating that only a few can attain.”

I have curated a lot of content this year, and that is the most insightful thing I have read, bar none!

Wonderfully put! Stop chasing popularity barometers that have no relevance to your real life.

Until next week.

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