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News and views from this week in marketing. What inspired and encouraged, shocked and appalled? Here’s our top 10.

1. Art is Advertising

Kicking off this week with an awesome video on the importance of art in marketing. How it helps build perspective, especially in savvy advertising.

“Advertising is the most compelling agent of mass appreciation we have ever known. But art connects reality with attainment.”

A brilliant lesson in life, not just marketing.

2. Machine Learning

“In a recent survey of top marketing influencers, 97 percent said that the future of marketing will actually be a combination of smart people armed with machine learning.”

Good read: Is machine learning the future of marketing?

The above statement rings very true. The rise of digital marketing presents many opportunities and threats for marketers. Managing masses of data insights and communicating relevance appropriately will create exponential benefits for those that know how to leverage big data.

But to achieve such insightful positioning will take machine learning (not just the human touch) simply because consumer behaviors, technologies of choice, and digital transformation as a movement are too rapidly evolving for marketers to keep up without ‘smart’ machines.

3. Voice Search

We have spoken before about how voice search will change our priorities of digital marketing strategy. It is no longer a case of building awareness of voice recognition technology, today voice is changing the way marketers should approach every type of paid and organic marketing campaign.

Good read: Voice search: Content may be king, but context is queen in the new voice-first world

Voice search is redefining the way people interact online, at home, in the office, on the road, and the ripple effect will see savvy companies gaining a “leadership position in their vertical” because they are catering to a growing audience that demands voice recognition across all manner of products and services.

4. Chatbots

“Modeled on a real person and equipped with a virtual “nervous system,” Autodesk’s AVA is built to be a font of empathy, no matter how mean a customer gets.”

Good read: This Chatbot Is Trying Hard To Look And Feel Like Us

This is a major advancement. But most impressive is their vision “to make AVA as close to a human experience as possible, while all the time not pretending that AVA is anything other than a robot.”

That is such a fabulous sentiment. In short, ‘we aren’t trying to fool you into thinking this is a human interaction, so don’t expect as much or downplay it’s effectiveness.’ What such chatbots can do is provide engaging, instinctive, empathetic and above all accurate support in so many fields of use.

5. Marketing On An Island

As digital platforms and technology uptake move so rapidly, many have lost sight of the real value/goal of marketing. Which is “to build brands that stand the test of time, not to build brands for the sake of it. By building strong, preferred and differentiated brands, sustainable business results will follow.”

Good read: Has Marketing Become An Island Surrounded By Mirrors?

More than ever, customers engage a business, and then buy because of trust. So marketers must present a customer-centric, unified voice at all times.

The digital savvy we can now apply to all marketing endevours provide greater opportunities to garner insights and deliver exceptional user experience than ever before.

To truly capture today’s tech savvy audiences in crowded marketplaces we need to “reframe the conversation, demonstrate our business value and focus on driving businesses that stand the test of time.” It’s not about the short term of running a paid ads campaign that just focuses on ROI, it’s about showcasing a brand that cares.

6. Picture Perfect

Class marketing, incredibly topical and ultra subtle.

Good read: Ikea Had a Fun Response to the Sale of the World’s Most Expensive Painting

Say Ikea, “we reacted to the Christie’s sale in a way people have come to expect from Ikea—a clever post on social media that throws a friendly punch at the art world by highlighting Ikea’s affordable prices.”

Now that’s thinking outside the box – well, inside a frame!

7. Blockchain

There is another potential mega-trend that will impact marketing in the future. Blockchain has the technological fluidity and transparency to allow companies and customers alike to feel more secure in their online transactions.

Good read: How Blockchain Is Creating a New Future for Digital Marketing

Advertising is a multi-billion-dollar industry and as Forrester suggest, digital marketing expenditure in the U.S. is on pace to reach almost $120 billion by 2021. Which is why every company – especially the power-players of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple – are so hell bent on collecting consumer data.

And yet “nearly 50 percent of all ad traffic is being generated by bots.” Because companies simply don’t have the bandwidth or expertise (in human form) to handle the volume, volatility or variety of data coming down the pipe.

“Brands are paying huge amounts of money to reach potential customers. But this doesn’t give them any guarantee that those ads will increase sales… Now the transparent nature of blockchain data can make consumers feel at ease because companies cannot manipulate their data.” This is such a positive potential trend, because it tells consumers what they are viewing is factual and accurate.

In a world of fake news, misinformation and targeted ads that disrupt so many of our online experiences, isn’t genuine, tangible and transparent all we really want?

8. Reputation Management

While we’re on the subject of online advertising, beware the power of social media to destroy a campaign, if not an entire brand!

Good read: Pizza Is Partisan, and Advertisers Are Still Adjusting

“In an age where everything can be politicized… it may be impossible for brands to not take a position on core values.”

Be careful. When running an ad campaign or offering a perspective on social media, there really is nowhere to hide.

9. Which Digital Marketing Channel?

A great read for SMEs and business owners deliberating over whether or not digital marketing is for them. Specifically…

  • Is digital marketing relevant to my business?
  • What is relevant to my products and services. Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter?
  • How do I reach my target audience when and where they go online?

Good read: How to choose the best digital marketing channel for your business?

A rich and in depth piece with so many good points discussing the relative merits of many digital marketing channels.

For us, the digital marketing tactics you use are crucial, especially with a  small budget, few resources or time.

Obtaining real-time results that can be tracked and measured ‘as live’, shape modern business thinking around consumer behavior/user experience. Allowing decision makers to leverage the right platforms that suit their business goals and customer requirements.

10. Perceptions Of Perfection

And finally, an amazing look at natural beauty, as perceived around the world.

“In order to explore the relativity of beauty, a UK company, Superdrug Online Doctors, decided to enlist the help of marketing experts from around the world by asking them to edit a photo of an ‘average’ woman in order to make her more attractive according to what would be considered attractive in their respective countries.”

Good read: Marketing Experts From 18 Countries Photoshop A Woman According To Local Beauty Standards

Take a look at how different nationalities perceive perfection.

As Shakira says, ‘my hips don’t lie’. Really? That depends on where you live ?

Until next week.

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