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Is AI “Fake News”? Chatbots & Digital Marketing

Martin Unsworth / Marketing Leave a Comment

This is a hot topic currently doing the rounds in the world of social media marketing.

We’ve all seen the news and read articles about how companies have been scraping data from our social media accounts, and that this personal and private information is then being used to target all types of marketing activity right back at us. Its been suggested they even hacked our friend’s data if we didn’t have the appropriate privacy setting in place.

Facebook has been contrite about the situation, taking out hugely expensive media ads apologizing, for the approach they have taken with “our data”. I suspect there’s more to come.

One question that it raises is how Facebook has changed its algorithms recently to distance itself from this type of negative exposure.

Recent commentary suggests up to a 90% loss in organic marketing reach via Facebook and a declining reach for businesses keen to advertise via this once cheap and richly rewarding media.

Research also tells us well over 70% of people initiate all sales activity via mobile. We research on our mobiles, we review forums and glean feedback and look for reviews to make sure we are making a considered choice.

But how does your business interact with customers in the first place if you can’t reach them? What’s the next “big thing” in digital marketing and how will your business react to losing market share and an increasing cost per acquisition?

One of my key thoughts is as follows:

We’ve been busy researching a new method of grabbing prospects attention using the mobile platforms of social messengers.

Why messenger? Well, due to a declining position with email open rates, down from 45% 5 years ago to just 5% now. This is down to fear of spam and hacking, and very smart filters (even when you’ve opted in).

So what’s the alternative? In a word, chatbots. A new (ish) form of AI that will save you money and deliver better results by increasing your ROI, AND release wasteful time that your staff could spend on more productive matters.

Bots come in lots of different forms and guises but they all work on the same principle and platform, using the latest AI technology to interact with your prospects.

Sociomole, for example, a company I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with, were an early adopter of AI using Twitter avatars, where their ‘Mole’ was fully automated and programmable to customer support. It was able to strike up realistic conversations with prospects looking for help and then point them directly to your business.

Today, over in Cambridge MA the original home of Google and Facebook, there is a new kid on the block called Mobile Monkey where industry veteran, Larry Kim, has developed a fantastic alternative to web chat that looks to use Facebook Messenger to strike up conversations, again to point prospects to your site. Capturing vital data like emails and contact number, it also begins to build rapport, and is all automated, no staff. Larry is seeing a 5 fold increase in engagement and open rates using this technology.

Is your business going to adopt these new approaches or would you like to know more on how to integrate them? If so get in touch and I’d love to chat more about it.