Creating Content That Your Audience Is Already Looking For

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How long—how many years—have you been talking about your company? Even if it’s been a short time, you probably have an insight into the lingo that you use every day to discuss your products or services. And it’s probably not hard for you to assume that most people—whether they work at your company or are customers of your company—know that same lingo.

But that would be a mistake that you’re making as you try to cement the conversation skills you have with your customer community. Many of them don’t speak the same language as you do, and in fact you might be missing the conversations they’re having because you don’t know their terms. In fact, if you learn how to talk to your customers, then you might find everything about building content for those customers easier.

Take, for example, the social media platforms that your customers frequent. The comments they make on your pages and the things that resonate for them in your communication effort can tell you what kind of content they might respond to. For example, if you get a lot of questions on the same topic, it might point you to creating a white paper to act as a resource for customers with similar concerns.

And you can’t just spend time on your social media platforms, or even the social media platform that you assume many people are on. You need to figure out the lesser used social media platforms they might be on, as well as the places with competitors or associated companies that customers might be checking in on.

So how else do you figure out how to be a better listener for your customers, and use that information to create a more responsive community? This graphic offers some insights you’ll want to put to use.

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Your audience is telling you what content they want. Are you listening?

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