6-Step Digital Marketing Audit For Your Website (Infographic)

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The advancement of mobile technology, coupled with society’s reliance on devices that provide constant connectivity to the world around them, creates significant challenges for digital marketers. Grabbing and retaining people’s online attention is becoming increasingly difficult.

This matters for your business, whether you have a digital marketing function or not. Everybody should be marketing their company online, as the Internet is the greatest EVER marketing channel. It’s better than TV or radio ever were because it reaches so many more people and allows you to cherry-pick the people you want to attract.

It is why “digital transformation” is all the rage.

With that in mind, creating the right web presence for your business is crucial. How do you attract people to your business, gain their trust, build a relationship and keep them coming back in the future? You build the right structure on the web, and that starts with your website.

But how long has it been since you’ve done a digital marketing audit of your current site? Have you ever even contemplated one?

Now is the perfect time to do so. And in the words of Run DMC, “it goes a little something like this.”

Digital Marketing Audit For Your Website In 6 Steps

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